Thursday, 9 September 2010

Yorkshire Tea

Well I did it. I submitted my contemporary romance ‘Rosie’s Mystery Man’ to the Mills and Boon New Voices competition at It felt like leaving a child at school for their first day. Scary or what? I’ve had some good comments, although the strange rating system seems to be causing people problems. I sat in bed last night reading and rating other peoples. I don’t know if I will manage them all as there are over 100 entries.

Anna Esslemont
Went to the gym this morning and came across one of my favourite uplifting songs on my iPod – 'Yorkshire Tea' by Uscedwr. It is a really uplifting song particularly when you consider that the lovely Anna Esslemont who sings it has recovered from a life threatening illness.

Cormac Byrne
Cormac Byrne the percussionist is lovely and very charismatic. I think I may base one of my heroes on him one day. I went to one of his percussion and bodhran courses at Farncombe Centre in the Cotswolds and we were all in love with him after an hour (despite feeling like a dirty old woman as he is young enough to be my son). So I start the morning optimistic with Yorkshire tea in my hand and in my ear!


  1. Good luck with your entry to the competition.

    Although I drink Yorkshire tea all the time I don't know that song! I'll have to look for it on Youtube.

  2. Hi Joanne,
    I have put the uTube link below the post.
    Thanks fo the comment and best wishes.

  3. Yes I've listened to it now. It's a very bouncy song - thanks! x


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