Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Fat Writer

I have a question for all the writers out there. How do you stay slim and write? I have been writing much more of late and this has involved lots of Maltesers, cups of latte and dunked biscuits. This is resulting in a fatter writer. If I ever get a book launch I will have to do some serious slimming for it. Help please.

Another question in my mind is whether a writing project is ever finished? My plot keeps changing and evolving and I wonder if it will ever be in concrete enough form to be published. Keeps me on my toes though and makes my mind do overtime. I really enjoy asking a question to myself about the plot just before bedtime. The answer is always there in the morning!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Writing Workshop

Went on India Grey’s National Trust / Mills and Boon writing workshop on Sunday. I wasn’t feeling too well so wondered if I had been wise taking on the two hour drive to Cheshire. (Ironically India had been down in my part of the world the week before.) Quarry Bank Mill is a delightful property straight out of Elizabeth Gaskell’s "North and South". We were shown to a room which was set up for a wedding – confetti on the tables, white bows and a big blow up bride and groom. The wedding had been the day before apparently, but the person setting up the room thought it was appropriate for a Mills and Boon workshop.

I have followed India Grey’s blog for quite some time and wondered if I would recognise her. That was no problem; she looked just like her photograph and had a delightful air about her. It wasn’t a conventional workshop, but then I’ve done loads of those. India was inspiring and allowed me to believe that publication was possible. Mills and Boon are apparently actively seeking writers. I’d already got quite a way through a novel I’d working titled “Norman Knights” and I think with a little tweaking this could become a submission to Mills and Boon’s historical imprint. I wrote up 1000 words last night and intend to do the same today. Thank you India for allowing me to believe in myself again.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Inconvenient Places

I can't believe how my mind works in inspirational ways in the most inconvenient places!

Picture the scene, I'm in the shower. Just as I'm soaping myself or applying conditioner to my hair, my mind floods with ideas for poems, stories or novels. Result? I have a lot of toilet roll tubes in my study. I emerge wet and dripping from the shower and grab anything to write on. Now the clever ones amongst you might say - "Keep a notebook in the bathroom". The thing is, if I do that then the thoughts seem to dry up (no pun intended!).

Then there is the car. I am happily tootling along country lanes and thoughts start to flood my mind. I have been known to pull over in lay bys and scribble like mad. More often I drive faster, repeating my idea like a mantra and dash into the house to scribble. A writing colleague has a lovely small Dictaphone in her car. However, following my shower experience would the purchase of such a facility make my thoughts fly away?