Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Good News

Thought I’d share some good news today -

1. My editing of the story I shall submit to my RNA New Writers’ Scheme is going well.

2. Attended my first RNA Birmingham Chapter group on Saturday. Haven’t been into central Birmingham on my own for many years, but I made some new friends and thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and lunch. Jean Fullerton came all the way from London to join us and shared some helpful insights about marketing and characterisation. Thanks to Marilyn Rodwell for organising the event.

3. I have been chosen to give away copies of Pride and Prejudice to people who would not normally read it on World Book Night. I am looking forward to lurking in the High Street and cafes giving away my books.

4. My big son got a job!!!!! Yay. Those who have read my previous post about The Lucky Button will understand. He graduated in Summer 2011 and has managed to get down to the last few in several selection processes, but this time he got it. I am so pleased and proud.

5. Watch out for a competition on my blog in the next few days.

Hope you are all having a great time too, please share lots of good news in your comments.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Starting in the Middle

Sorry I’ve been quiet, but to be honest that sums up how I’ve felt lately. I’ve been battling with editing and I don’t enjoy it as much as the luxurious free writing of a first draft.

Having said that, I seem, fingers crossed, to be getting somewhere. I switched the manuscript I was working on for my RNA New Writers’ Scheme back to my favourite Rosie and Tanner story. As I appear to be scared of getting the beginning or the ending wrong, I made the decision to start in the middle and it seems to be paying off. Anyone else use this method?

I picked a pivotal moment in the story and edited and embellished that chapter. This included a look at overused words. Oh dear, my list is long. It is quite telling when you ask for a search of “just” or “that” and get hundreds!

After this chapter, I worked on the ones either side of it. This seems to be focussing my mind on the story. I realise that at least another pass will be required, but the completed pages are mounting up and it feels achievable. Stilling the panic seems to be one of the key factors for me.

What is your most repeated word? I can then add it to my editing list!

Watch out for a competition on my blog soon.