Tuesday, 21 January 2014

What If I Die?

I hear you saying – ‘You will one day for sure’.

Seriously, I sit here in my study with an enormous amount of material – poems, short stories, plays, autobiographical material and at least eight novels. They are piled on my shelf awaiting completion and sending out to publishers, magazines, etc. As I don’t think I am very competent at editing, I tend to put off these finishing touches.

We are about to re-write our wills and, optimistically I am going to include a statement about the copy write and ownership of my material in the future as per an excellent article I read http://journal.neilgaiman.com/2006/10/important-and-pass-it-on.html

It gave me a big kick up the rear to get going and at least try to get some of my material published, as if I die before it is out there in the world, the whole lot, all those hours of work, is likely to be recycled as paper and the files on the computer deleted.

I read an excellent blog post by Elizabeth Gilbert advising writers not to sit on their work, as they will suffocate it. I am very guilty of this. http://www.elizabethgilbert.com/thoughts-on-writing/

I am vowing right here and now to make 2014 the year I finish off the ends and send out my work. If you are in a similar boat, I ask you to join me.

Publish or die!

Comments below please.