Thursday, 15 July 2010

Question for anyone listening

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with my performance (or lack of it) in my chosen roles in life. At the last count these included - aspiring writer, degree student, family historian, jewellery maker, decorator, gardener, mother, wife and homemaker.

The question I am asking is – should I give up all of these, except mother, wife and homemaker? Would I be happier ensuring that my home is clean and tidy and everyone has what they need? Responses please.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Count down to end of term

I have never known the days go so fast when you are on the countdown to the end of term. Already planning tennis and football summer schools and putting dates in the diary for summer outings with friends. As a result of all this planning it looks as if seven weeks of holiday will just zoom by too and then (not to depress you) I suppose it will be the countdown to Christmas. Yikes!

I did write an estimated 525 words at the end of last week. No, don't get excited - it wasn't on any of the novels I have on the go, or part of my creative writing course, it was the labels for the jewellery I was selling at the school fete on Saturday. Very proud of my £106 profit. The fete did well this year with proceeds looking to be over £2000. Not bad for a small school.

Any way I'd better close and get on with my next assignment - 2000 words on two turning points in my life. Now which to choose.....