Sunday, 10 April 2016

New Home

I have a new website and blog at

I would hate to lose any of my followers, so please take a second to visit my new site and hit the follow button to continue receiving my posts and updates. 

Thank you for your support.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

A New Phase

After the euphoria of my astounding win of Choc Lit Publishing's Search for a Star competition with my novel 'Who is Harry Dixon?', I started to feel a little strange. It finally struck me that my goalposts have moved!

I have spent a few years learning as much as I can about the craft of writing by attending courses, reading and writing numerous short stories and novel drafts. Each month I'd trawl through the competition pages of the writing magazines and decide which ones I wanted to enter and also work out any pitches I wanted to make to publishers or agents. 

After my win, it feels as if I’m walking along, but the path has moved. I now need to enter a new phase of my writing life. Besides handling edits and getting more novels completed, I need to think about marketing my first book when it is e-published later in the year.

This is both exciting and daunting. I've begun planning for a new website and blog, author pages on Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, etc. I need to decide how to describe myself and my work. If any of you have any advice from your own journey, then please share it below. 

I turn my thoughts to people I'd like to thank for help so far.

I began the writing journey with my best friend, Susan Wood. We had such fun in the early days, laughing in cafes as we shared our writing. She has since headed off in a poetry direction, although I still hope she'll finish her novel set on a caravan site one day. We still meet in cafes and there are lots of laughs.

Then there are the tutors of all the writing courses I've attended over the years. In particular, Sue Johnson, whose weekly term time course I have been attending for years. When I attended the RoNAs awards in London recently, the top award went to Iona Grey and I remembered that her course on heroes and heroines, was a turning point for my writing in the romance genres. Add to this Sue Moorcroft - I've appeared in her classes many times. Alison May's course de-mystified editing for me.

The Romantic Novelists' Association and in particular the New Writers’' Scheme, my readers, particularly the one for Harry Dixon and the members of the RNA Birmingham Chapter.

Thanks must go to those who listen to my doubts, moans and give advice - Alison May, Janice Preston, Margaret Ruess-Newland, Georgia Hill, Heather King, Elizabeth Hanbury, Lisa Hill, Wendy Jones, Lynn Forth, Bella Osborne, Bernadette ODwyer.

My family for supporting and putting up with me disappearing into my study.

I'm sure there are many others too. THANK YOU.

A special thanks has to go to Julie King and her photography I hate having my picture taken, but she always manages to make me laugh and I can thoroughly recommend her services. I had to have some shots taken for publicity and, of course, I will use them for my marketing. Which picture do you like best - blue, orange or green?

I’ll be back soon to tell you about some more milestones on this journey. I’ve been having fun with Susan Wood thinking up hashtags for Harry Dixon.