Sunday, 8 August 2010


I am becoming more and more aware of how I hold tension in my body. Making a conscious effort to release it means that I have to check at least four times and hour and breathe. I keep thinking back to when I was pregnant with Daniel. Having decided that I wanted a relaxed child, I kept my self relaxed and floated through the pregnancy. It was wonderful as things which would normally have stressed me just drifted by. I suppose the pregnancy hormones must have added to this state as I don’t seem to have been able to achieve it since.

It is a vicious circle, being tense means that I breathe less deeply and an more tetchy (but maybe that’s to do with being menopausal with a seven year old!) There is the other effect of course – if I relax more I let out my stomach muscles and look fatter. Maybe I’d better start a diet too!


  1. Morton, I feel your pain, but it's the summer holidays! It just wouldn't be August if I wasn't tense,tetchy and shouting too much!

    September 6th still seems such a way off!


  2. It's September 7th for us! It seems to be flying by. Trying India Grey's chunk writing method but it doesn't always work. Thank you for the comment Rachel - just noticed it.
    Morton x