Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Poetry Pressure

I find myself not envying the Poet Laureate. My current course of study is poetry and I need six poems by the end of the week. The instructions said to “make these your masterpieces” and to “show off your skills”. Result of instructions? No rhyme or rhythm. The words are refusing to line up or make sense. Poetry to order does not work for me I think. Remind me of this please if ever I am offered the Poet Laureateship or something similar.

The ideas are percolating though, so at least that is something. The bones of six poems have appeared on the paper but they are fuzzy and unformed. I think I need to relax, detach and let the magic happen in its own time. Forcing my mind through the mincing machine is producing, as you would expect, minced up poems that won’t gain me any accolades.

Please can I have a poetry angel assigned to me? Preferably today.

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  1. I did comment earlier, honestly! I don't know what Blogger has done with it, hidden it away with the Christmas crackers. Stay with your poetry and enjoy (even the frustrating moment!)
    Love from Ellie-with-a-blue-one-in-her-hand xx