Friday, 23 October 2015

Where It All Began

I often have an early writing session in Costa simply because if I go home I get caught up in housework, paperwork, etc. Little son has to be dropped at the station at 7.20 am, so I’m usually in a blissfully quiet café. The other day, my heart dropped when I was joined by son’s school friend’s mother and sister – no writing ☹️

The little girl needed to do her reading before school, so I volunteered to listen. She got out a copy of Five On A Treasure Island by Enid Blyton. I spent my junior school years yearning for a big brother called Julian and writing about treasure, caves and pirates because of that book.
Five on a Treasure Island (Gift Edition)

It struck me as I listened to the familiar words that here was where my writing journey had begun. That book filled my imagination and sparked my love of reading and writing. A true lightbulb moment.

Where did your writing journey begin?


  1. Enid Blyton entranced me as a child too, Morton. Malory Towers was my favourite series.

    1. I loved lots of her books. There seems to be criticism now, but it got me reading and got my imagination working.