Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Are Boxes the Answer?

For my sins I look after the second-hand uniform cupboard at school. Whilst I love the accounting side of it – counting money and sharing the proceeds of sales between school and parents – I’m not so keen on the cupboard itself. I felt sick at the beginning of term when I opened the doors, imagine a jumble sale which has exploded. I decided that if I was to remain sane and do the job I had to restore order.

After a sleepless night punctuated by dreams of school tracksuits and blazers, a vision arose. Cue lots of teasing from parents spotting me sneaking into school with boxes. They may laugh, but when I open the doors to my domain now I am met with tranquil neat labels.

Returning home after the tidy up, I began to wonder if I had just been taught a life lesson. Was the uniform cupboard a metaphor for my existence?

Don’t worry, I haven’t packed up my world into boxes, but I have changed my way of doing things. I am determined to finish projects and not leave them around incomplete cluttering up my ,home and creativity. So far this week we have a completed tapestry and a bean bag. I now need to translate this way of working to my writing. All of those half-finished stories, poems and novels beware, you are about to be extracted from your boxes (lol) and finished. Watch this space and wish me luck.


  1. Boxes. The answer to every mess I ever made :-)

  2. How exciting to rummage into those half-finished stories and poems, and come up with something brand new!

  3. Good idea, Morton. I want to try a similar thing. It is about organising yourself a bit. Good luck!

  4. I would have had to bring the boxes in too :-)

  5. Funny the difffernece a few days can make - I now open the uniform cupboard with a sense of pride and in addition sales are up! I guess the parents hated the cupboard too. Hehe. Mx

  6. Good luck Morton - well done you!

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