Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Romantic Novelist Protest Blog

I watched with interest the furore about the recent article from Claudia Connell at The Daily Mail. She stereotyped all romance writers as old ladies with blue rinses, twin-sets, pearls and support stockings. Kate Johnson aka Cat Marsters urged romance writers to post photos on Twitter, Facebook and our blogs! To begin with, I thought as I was not yet a member of the RNA (hope to apply for New Writers’ Scheme next year) and not yet published, that I shouldn’t do it, but then I thought about it – I spend all of my time plotting romantic novels these days and a fair amount of my day writing them, so why not.

So here is my contribution to the protest – this is what a romantic novelist looks like. I may be into my second fifty years, but I still feel 25!

Morton Gray
Hopeful romantic!


  1. Morton, just because you're not published yet, or a member of the RNA, you're still a writer, and you write romance.

    Makes you a romantic novelist in my mind ;-)

  2. I agree with Teresa. If you write novels then you're a novelist. Being published would just make you a published novelist :)

  3. Second 50 years? You're kidding right? You look fabulous!!! And I agree too - you're definitely a novelist!

  4. You are definitely a novelist - and a great looking one too!

  5. Go for it...! And yes I've followed as per twitter instructions...laugh!

  6. Awh thanks girls. I haven't been able to post a comment on my own blog for a day! I like the thought of being a published novelist one day. Rachel - it must be my sons keeping me young! Thank you for the compliments and comments. Mx


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