Thursday, 17 February 2011

Hope It Rubs Off

It is exciting to see that several of my friends have had debut novels published. I do hope it rubs off on me.

Check out here for Serenity Woods ‘Black Hawke Down’ and her website

Also Rachel Lyndhurst’s 'Storm’s Heart’ here and her website

Note: Both of these books have adult themes.

Congratulations to you both. Wishing for rave reviews and many more titles from each of you.


  1. Morton, you are so kind! Thanks for the congratulations and you don't need any rubbings off - you'll do it all on your own!

    Keep at it, you'll make it, I know you will.


  2. Yes, and me... would like them to rub off onto me too :D

    But as Rachel says, just keep at it. Write, write, write and read, read, read :D

    Good luck, Morton!

  3. Hi Girls,
    It is just so lovely to see friends publishing successfully. Apart from childcare stuff and housework I don't do much else but read and write at the moment. All good though - at least I keep myself out of mischief!! (in real life anyway!) Mx

  4. ha! Your life sound distinctly close to mine, if I'm not looking after the kids, or doing housework, it's writing related!

  5. Hi Morton! Thanks so much for mentioning me here. I'm living proof that anyone can get published. All it takes is stubbornness and perseverance! How's your writing coming along? Have you worked on your NV story at all? What's your latest project? Any plans to submit anything?

  6. Teresa - at least our heroines can have exciting lives!

    Serenity - it is a pleasure. Yes I am working on my NV manuscript, although it has become a very different book now. I shall submit it when I have polished a little more. Mx

  7. HOpe for us all - very encouraging!

  8. Yes Flowerpot, very encouraging. Since writing the blog post I gather Kiru Taye has also got a publishing contract. Congratulations to her. Keep it up, more, more. Mx