Monday, 4 October 2010

Reading Statistic

Listening to Radio 4 on the way to writing group on Friday I heard the statistic that the average person reads 4-5 books a year!

My husband, who travels widely with his job, gets through at least a book a fortnight (and those are some weighty tomes like Dickens interspersed with lighter Clive Cussler), so he reads at least 25 books a year.

I started recording my reading when I commenced my Open College of the Arts course and I average about 20 books a year. I don't think that is bad considering that I only read on the loo and in bed!

Thought I might give more detail of my reading over the next couple of blogs, but for now – how many do you read?


  1. I'm on the challenge to read 40 books - I've read 34 so far, so on target! I keep note via Goodreads which is really handy!

    But the more you read, the better the writing - apparently?

    Alot of my books have been Mills & Boon in places, because they do take only a couple of days to read. But I've read some bigger ones too!

  2. How on earth do you find time to read so much with a young family?

    I've just read Rachel Hore's new one 'A Place of Secrets' which didn't take long as it was so good. I always know it's a good book when I "allow" myself to read in the day! Mx